The Supplytechs Network includes Startups with a focus on procurement, which are located in Germany and throughout Europe. Together, we want to shape the future of procurement by leveraging our synergies and supporting each other in the further development.

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The following companies have already joined the Supplytechs Startup Network:

poolynk GmbH

CEO: Stephan Collisi

Location: Collenberg/Germany
Founding year: 2016
Start-up Phase: Launched
Area of business in procurement: 
  • Sustainability
  • Contract Management
  • Special Products

Only 95 of 100 reusable pallets or containers shipped to customers will come back after use. This means up to 50.000 Euros per year for replacement of lost load carriers for a midsize freight forwarder (35-50 trucks). Main reason is the in transparency of the whereabout of the equipment due to a paper based documentation process.


Use our mobile app for real time transparency about the whereabout of your valuable assets. Drivers and warehouse staff use a standard smart device to record the handover of reusable packing. The resulting balances can easily be managed utilizing our web portal or via interfaces in any ERP system. Save up to a 50% of the costs for replacement of lost pallets and containers and 80% of the administration costs involved.


poolynk is SaaS, cost effective, independent – we’re not part of any supply chain – and easy to implement or use (plug&play). poolynk is available world wide and the app knows all official languages of the world. The platform is designed to work stand alone as well as supporting integrated implementations via API interfaces. In that case it acts as a face to the operations across organizations/companies and provides the information to connected ERP/TMS/WMS systems in real time.

Business model:

poolynk charges it’s customers with a small transaction fee per load carrier movement. You don’t have to purchase software or licenses from use. Just register for a free trial period of 30 days and give us a try.


poolynk is cost effective, neutral – we’re not part of any supply chain – and easy to implement or use.


Cloud based web portal with smart devices like mobile phones or tablets acting as front ends.

Contact: Stephan Collisi


Phone: +49 40 9999 943 90
Email: Email hidden; Javascript is required.