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FIVE CIRCLES - Consulting approach

We bring you into the digital world!

Supplytechs advises and supports you in digitizing your purchasing department. We draw on many years of experience in strategic purchasing as well as know-how from the latest technological developments of our Supplytechs Network.

We use an established approach to clearly structure the process and thus enable you to implement new solutions in a targeted and fast manner.

Our FIVE CIRCLES approach

Before starting a change project, you have to know why you want to make a difference. We analyze your status-quo and work with you to find the “WHY.” What is the purpose of a digital transformation and does it make sense at all?

Not all innovations come from purchasing itself – the important thing is to be inspired and to organize a change of mind in a structured way. All relevant internal and external influencing factors are analyzed by us and examined for their usability.

We discover solutions and “best fit” technology partners for a successful transformation. What value is in the foreground and how to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. The decisive factor is the right approach – the WHAT.

We are there when it comes to implementation and do not leave you alone. We support purchasing departments and startups in the joint pilot phase, just as we implement agile methods and integrate an overarching building-block-solution.

The new valueAdd of the purchasing, also with the use of new technologies and start-ups, is communicated professionally and made tangible and comprehensible for the target group. Success is visible in the long term.

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