Supplytechs meets IHK

Fach Forum Einkauf und Logistik – Startup Crunch

The FachForum has its own event dedicated to startups and young business ideas.

Eight startups from the fields of procurement, supply chain and materials management will present their ideas and tools.

The startups will each present their business models and tools in a few minutes. Afterwards, participants will have the opportunity to ask the experts specific questions.

Find out more about the startups and take the opportunity to discuss with the purchasing and supply chain experts from the selected startups.

Moderation: Prof. Dr. Elmar Holschbach, FH Südwestfalen

Startup Crunch

24. Juni 2020 15:00 – 17:30 Uhr



What problem are you solving?

Identification of fields of action in strategy development/digitalisation, digital transformation, digitalisation certification.

How do you solve the problem?

Platform-supported, referential, digital maturity analysis and visualisation for companies (esp. for SMEs)


What problem do you solve?

We optimise the user experience in the procure-to-pay process by adding inorder as an additional layer on top of the complex IT infrastructure.

How do you solve the problem? 

Inorder digitally maps the process from the demand request to the goods receipt and communicates with suppliers and the IT infrastructure.


What problem are you solving?

Companies spend too much time on repetitive tasks in tenders and thus have little time for intensive negotiations.

How do you solve the problem? 

We automate tenders and negotiations.


What problem are you solving?

For every 100 returnable pallets or containers shipped, on average only 95 are returned, while paper receipts are mostly used for tracking.


How do you solve the problem? 

poolynk operates a web portal to ensure transparency along the delivery chain in real time with the “digital pallet note”.


What problem are you solving?

1. lack of transparency over the entire purchasing volume
2. no central purchasing reporting/key figure system
3. time-consuming analyses in ERP systems & spreadsheets (Excel)

How do you solve the problem? 

SCALUE combines purchasing controlling & process mining with a simple, flexible and intuitive user interface in one solution.


What problem are you solving?

With the help of our cloud-based B2B platform, procurement managers find the right suppliers for strategic purchasing projects worldwide without tedious, manual work.


How do you solve the problem? 

Using AI and constantly curated data sets, 360° supplier profiles are created to provide holistic insights into the global buyer-supplier market with continuous, automatic updates.


What problem are you solving?

Companies are not sufficiently focused on recognising and implementing internal and external optimisation potential, so that they miss out on value contributions in the millions.

How do you solve the problem? 

Together with our customers, we systematically identify savings and optimisation potentials, implement them sustainably with the help of technology and suitable advice, and make them more profitable in the long term.


What problem are you solving?

Buyers do not have enough knowledge of a manufacturer’s cost structure to be able to negotiate really well and transparently with suppliers.

How do you solve the problem? 

Big data analytics with data from 364 industries, 1000+ commodities, labour costs, 60 countries, 44 currencies and energy costs, in the cloud.