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About Supplytechs

Supplytechs is the network of europe’s most innovative start-ups with a focus on purchasing. We have set ourselves the task of shaping the future of purchasing. In addition, we support companies in the digitalization of purchasing by giving our customers an overview of new ideas and solutions and by making the start-up landscape transparent.

1. SDC - Supplytechs Digital Conference

Keynotes, innovations & trends for purchasing.

10 June 2020
09:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

 –   Supplytechs Digital
Conference –
  Digital Conference on the Purchasing of the Future.

Our network

Supplytech’s Startups is the network of startups with a focus on purchasing in Europe. Together, we want to shape the future of purchasing by leveraging our synergies and supporting each other in the further development.

Purchasing experts from business and academia form our mentorpool. In cooperation with our mentors, our startups as well as external companies can benefit from their experience.

In our regularly published magazine, we give our readers insights into current topics and trends from purchasing and illuminate them from different perspectives. So you always stay up-to-date.

We promote the exchange between start-ups and companies by bringing them together at joint events. Through the exchange, both sides – start-ups benefit through first-hand feedback and companies gain access to the latest innovations in the market.

With the Procurement Summit, we publish a podcast in which exciting experts are regularly interviewed about purchasing. We prepare these and other insights to make current purchasing challenges and their solutions transparent.

From the various solutions of the startups we generate our own ecosystem. In the Supplytechs platform, individual solutions are bundled holistically, in which the solution alternatives can be used as if plug-and-play as in an APP.