We are the future of procurement


Supplytechs has set itself the task of shaping the future of purchasing.

We are the joined force of Europe’s most innovative startups with the focus on purchasing.

Furthermore, we support companies in the digitalization of purchasing by helping them develop a digitalization strategy as well as selecting and implementing the right tools.


Supplytech’s Startups is the network of startups with a focus on purchasing in Europe. Together, we want to shape the future of purchasing by leveraging our synergies and supporting each other in the further development.


Supplytechs Advisory advises and supports you in digitizing your procurement. We draw on many years of experience in strategic purchasing as well as know-how from the latest technological development of our Supplytechs Network.


Our new magazine:

We did it!

The first Supplytechs magazine – the startup magazine for Purchasing – has just come out of print. So far, only in German. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The first issue revolves around the topic: “How is the professional field of the purchaser changing?”.

The first edition is available here. Just try your German.

Our podcasts:

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